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Dear Friends!

Страна ПолканияWelcome to the «Country Polkaniya»! My name is Nina Igorevna, I live in Moscow. I am a major in reserve, and have served half of my life in the army, first in the Air Defense, then in the academy of General Staff Headquarters. I have studied Law as my second education. But destiny has its’ own plans and in 1998 a 3-months old chihuahua-puppy Polkan from «The Sun Valley» appeared in our family. Since that time my life has been impossible without this miracle under the name chihuahua.

Certainly, we immediately understood that luck smiled to us — we, laymen, have appeared to be the owners of a treasure — doggie of unusual beauty and fine blood of Polkan — the son of the well-known Hajko which owner is Tanechka Zemskova — the passionate patriot of breed and the hard worker, the mistress of widely known nursery «Pink agate».

With the help of Polkan’s dog owner Lesha Kolomijtsa (nursery «The solar valley») and Tanya Zemskova I have started to comprehend the elements of chihuahua live. By two years Polkan became the Champion of Russia and National Breed Club. Our mutual love was boundless — Polkan was the fighter on a ring and an angel at home. But a terrible trouble has come — Polkan tragically perished. There was no limit to our grief.

Tanja Zemskova saved us. The day after, as soon as I could understand and tell something, Tanja has directed us to the nursery by Tanya Borisova «From Champions» where 3-weeks old son Hajko (we only wanted the son of Hajko) and one more young person of 3 week exteriors — daughter of Grisha were waiting for us. They became our children which we have called subsequently Polkan der Tsvajte (Polkan II) and Businka from Champions. New kids presented to us new friends — dear, amicable family of Borisovi.

Since then seven years had passed. With Polkan II we have learnt pleasure of victories — it became the Champion of Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, National Breed Club, Inter-champion, has many other titles and awards, and with Businka we three times have learnt pleasure of motherhood. Now I understand that won’t find happiness, sincere love, trust, heat and pleasure anywhere else. Therefore nowadays I already have six Chihuahua dogs — two boys and four girls, and you will learn more about them further.

Now I am the judge on Chihuahua breed, the dog owner, the expert in the organization of breeding business and the owner of a registered in FCI nursery «Country Polkanija» (the certificate on registration № 6879).

Friends! Welcome to our Website to talk, to advise, to consult, to pick up a puppy for you — they are amazing, from happy parents and of fine blood.

Thank to this opportunity, I wish to thank from the bottom of the heart my friends and instructors who helped us to get to the wonderful «Country Polkaniju»:

  • Alexey Kolomijtsa («The Solar Valley»)
  • Tatyana Zemskovu («Pink Agate»)
  • Tatyana Borisovu («From Champions»)

Thanks to everybody who wanted to get acquainted with us!

See you soon!

Phones: +7 495 438 4895, +7 916 379 5350 (cell)