Dear Friend!

You've made a decision to have a puppy?

  • Consider this issue seriously. Though Chihuahua is small, but it is a REAL dog. It is NOT a TOY. You shouldn't buy a dog on a sudden impulse, or because your friend has such a dog. Also you should not bye it as a toy for your kids. Your decision must be serious and circumspect.
  • Let me quote the words of Piero Scanziani, a passionate fan of dogs, who is famous for the breeding of Mastino Neapolitano: «Don't buy from those who speculate on animals: for them a dog is just a dog as a monkey is just a monkey, a bird is just a bird...Don't buy from that who holds mother and puppies in a box in the bathroom: he gave his female dog to the first male dog available and now wants to get rid of those, who've brought a mess to his home..... Do not buy a dog on an immediate impulse to have a „dog just for a day“. Please keep in mind, that you are facing a great opportunity to rightfully get an assistant, a companion, a family member, a friend to be proud of and the source of constant fun and joy. Your dog will never betray and leave you, it will be next to you in a time of sadness and blue, even when the others let you alone.»

Good luck!